Nursing is the fastest-growing field. Increasing populations and medical science advancement are resulting in rapidly developing treatments and technologies. An accredited nursing degree can be obtained from the best colleges in eastern India, such as a three-year GNM or a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. A nursing degree is fourContinue Reading

The following term, “computer science application”, refers to a wide range of disciplines connected to computation, including algorithm analysis, programme design, programming languages, computer hardware and software. Electrical engineering, electronics, mathematics are the foundations of computer science. Previously, computer science was taught as part of engineering or mathematics, but itContinue Reading

Management skills are considered as those attributes or qualities which an individual should imbibe in order to perform specific tasks effectively within an organization. In other words, management based skills are also defined as the competency level which helps in executing strategic tasks by removing complexities. Managers in order toContinue Reading

Healthcare industry is the largest sector in India both in terms of revenue and employment. From hospitals to medical devices, clinical trials, outsourcing, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical equipment – all come under Healthcare industry. The market size of the healthcare industry is expected to grow three-fold toContinue Reading

Hospitality is one of the fastest growing industries across the globe. While hiring for different hospitality sectors, employers prefer candidates who have graduated from reputed hospitality management colleges in India. How does it make a difference? They design courses that provide professional experience along with academic insights that help students to gainContinue Reading

After completing graduation or post-graduation degrees and gaining some work experience, some people look forward to getting the opportunity in a managerial post, while some go for entrepreneurship. You might think that your innate abilities, domain knowledge, and experience are enough to run a business, right? Wrong. The world getsContinue Reading

Bachelor in Business Administration, better known as BBA is a three-year undergraduate programme designed to train students in the fundamentals of management sciences. After completing 12th, students are opting for BBA and later MBA courses for flourishing career opportunities in business administration. If the retail world and making business strategiesContinue Reading

Hospitality is a fast-paced industry with an ever-evolving nature and tremendous growth opportunities. It is a service-based industry where you need to apply management knowledge and practices in the sphere of lodging, food and other hospitality-related business. From small inns or chambers for rent in private residences to luxurious accommodationContinue Reading