Dear Student, Welcome to your journey of understanding, discovering and assimilating knowledge, a journey that shall arm you with extra edge to stay ahead in the professional arena! Fortunately, the path is already set and well lit in terms of the syllabi and curricula prescribed by the university. ThereContinue Reading

Dear Students, I welcome you to DSMS. We, at DSMS, leave no stone unturned to make you come up with flying colours. DSMS is a “student-centric” educational institution where every care is taken to groom the students “multi dimensionally”. Not only is the Institutional curriculum conducted with utmost care andContinue Reading

Welcome to DSMS. DSMS is not merely an institute to guide you to a prospective career, it is also a place to nurture your talents and fulfil your potential. It makes a professional out of you, lets you dream of touching the sky and then turns your dreams into reality.Continue Reading