Welcome to DSMS.

DSMS is not merely an institute to guide you to a prospective career, it is also a place to nurture your talents and fulfil your potential. It makes a professional out of you, lets you dream of touching the sky and then turns your dreams into reality.

But this is not an easy task. Proper environment, with state of the art infrastructure, a well stocked library and above all an enriched faculty are the important components of career building. DSMS has been blessed in these regards. We intend to put you on a well-equipped launching platform, from where you don’t need to look back.

This is why DSMS has emerged as one of Eastern India’s few management colleges in the private sector, which attracts students from various parts of India and the neighbouring SAARC countries. The quality of the faculty, enviable training, placement record and impeccable infrastructure are clear pointers to our numero uno position. Our sincerity and past records have therefore been rightly appreciated by the various sectors of the corporate world, where our students are regularly sent for Training and Placement. DSMS Alumni are making a difference wherever they have opted to serve. I, on behalf of all the members of our college, congratulate you for choosing DSMS as the starting point to a ‘good to great’ future.

With best wishes,

Anupam Mukherjee