Consulting Project Title

Study for assessment of demand of services post introduction of policies like GST and FDI in retail and the services which CONCOR should gear up to provide.
Chief Consultant
Prof (Dr.) Suchismitaa Sengupta

Project Duration
Three Months
Container Corporation of India (CONCOR), a Miniratna PSU


  • Consultant had to suggest the Client, a roadmap inclusive of business model needed to
    be adopted for exploiting the potential arising out of introduction of GST and FDI in
  • Brief on the FDI in FMCG and GST policies, which have been unveiled by the
    Government and which are anticipated and its impact on domestic containerized
  • Identification of the specific sectors/Corporate clients/ Commodities/ areas wherein
    scope of additional demand for warehouse, transportation and other value added
    services likely to be generated after introduction of these policies and strategies
  • Opportunities in the areas of Domestic containerization after introduction of
    Government policies in both GST and FDI in retail Marketing
  • On the basis of information of logistics facilities being developed by CONCOR
    (which will be shared with the consultant), to arrive upon the business potential in
    terms of containers/ commodity/ activity at each location for CONCOR for next 5 to
    10 years (year wise
  • The business models which the prospective clients / customers may like to enter
    into with CONCOR e.g. leasing of land/ warehousing space/ perishable cargo
    centers etc. and extent of services which they would like to carry out on their own
  • In terms of above, identification of infrastructure required to be developed by
    CONCOR in its new Terminals
  • Risks associated with the project and Mitigation strategies