Durgapurians witnessed one of the most sizzling Poila Baishakh program on 17th April, 2021- Bong Connection. Bong Connection was a frolic filled fiesta, full of fun, food and fashion held at the premises of DSMS College, Dr. Zakir Hussain Avenue, Hudco More, Bidhannagar, Durgapur. It was presented by the renowned management institution- DSMS College. DSMS is well known for its class and taste. In the past too DSMS has always gifted Durgapurians with classy events. The management college located at the heart of the city was dazzling with light and vigor. It’s lush green lawns, flower- laden gardens, the exquisitely decorated drive served as the perfect backdrop for the harmony laden program. The co-sponsorers of the program were M3 events and promotions.

The show was initially threatened by a norwester, but the summer tempest showered in a cool environment lowering the extremely high mercury level of the day. The program began with a welcome note for the Bengali New Year followed by melodious renditions by renowned singers. There was dance, recitation to add to the fun.

The limelight was stolen however by the glamorous ramp walk. The ramp witnessed the nimble feet of beautiful ladies clad in gorgeous Dhakai Jamdaani and Bengali silk sarees. There was a “Ms.” Round, a “Mrs.” round, a “Kids” round, a mother and child round, a “Mr.” round and a “Mr. and Ms.” Round. The audience thoroughly enjoyed the kaleidoscopic flashes of colour reflected from the most fashionable apparel.

Bongs are known for their elite taste both of the dress and the palette. So to compliment the stage flashiness of fashion, there were several stalls exhibiting the choicest gourmet for the food loving Bengalis. Other than these there were stalls exhibiting chic jewellery, designer apparels, ethnic decorative pieces, indoor plants. And not to mention the college has also put up a food outlet with variants of Bakery products and Biriyani.

Although the turn up was quite high yet strict covid protocol was maintained. Social distancing, wearing of masks, recurrent sanitization were strictly followed. All precautions to prevent contamination had been religiously taken. In fact transparent masks were also promoted by the participants to encourage all fashion lovers to wear them without eclipsing their make up. Time and again the anchors kept emphasizing on the facts of how to keep covid at bay. The show was a runaway success. There was thunderous clapping all through and during the encomium the audience requested for more shows of the kind. The participants too were extremely happy with the management for its co-operation. Bidding adieu to such a wonderful evening was difficult as the Bong Connection was so strongly established that the Bengalis wanted more and more of Bong Connection.