Dear Students,

I welcome you to DSMS. We, at DSMS, leave no stone unturned to make you come up with flying colours.

DSMS is a “student-centric” educational institution where every care is taken to groom the students “multi dimensionally”. Not only is the Institutional curriculum conducted with utmost care and competence but we also offer many “value-added” courses in soft skills development and computers. We also ensure that our students possess high level of skills and competencies in their chosen field of study and so our students are the most “sought after” by the corporate sector.

We, at DSMS, have very dedicated and competent faculty members comprising the intellectual wisdom of experience and vibrancy of youth.

We train our students to look beyond academics and gain vital exposure to the environment so that they can become complete in all aspects of their lives. The DSMS CPE, Centre for Professional Excellence, oversees the training and placing of students to start their careers.

We work with a dream, a dream of seeing our students as successful professionals and good citizens of the country. After all to become a successful professional, one should be a good human being first. I welcome you again to share our dream and see yourself taking off  your career with a brilliant start that would be worthy enough for envy of others.

With best wishes,

Siuli Mukherjee