Today hotel and hospitality are the two ever-growing sectors that have become increasingly popular and are contributing 10.4% to the global GDP. With globalization, brands are establishing their hotel chains in big and small cities creating tremendous opportunities for students. The requirement of manpower is always high in these sectors which are leading to massive number of employments for professionals, executives, administrative & supportive staff. However, there seems a lot of confusion when it comes to choosing between hotel management and a hospitality management course.

Hotel management involves managing all aspects related to the functioning of a hotel – from administration to housekeeping to maintenance etc. On the other hand, hospitality management is about satisfying administration and management of any of the diverse industries encompassed by the hospitality sector which is not restricted to the hotel alone. One thing that is common – both the sectors have to deal with people.

DSMS, one of the best Hotel Management Colleges in India educates students about different aspects of the hospitality and hotel industry and train them to be master professionals so that they have privilege over untrained graduates as hotels are not willing to invest in training of recruits. We have the best hotel and hospitality courses in West Bengal which helps the students to understand management ethics as well as the intricacy of the relationship between hotel and hospitality.

Both courses are part of the travel and tourism domain, but they are different in various ways:

Area of work:

While hotel management exclusively deals with anything and everything related to ‘hotel’ or more broadly, any lodging establishment such as a B&B, resort, etc., hospitality management is an umbrella term used to describe any sector that deals with people management. That can be food and beverage, travel, event management, casinos, nightclubs, conferences and even hotels.


From the arrival of the guest to final check-out, Hotel management includes efficient and impeccable management of various operations & activities ensuring guests enjoy a pleasant stay at the establishment. From reception to room service, concierge, food & beverage management, travel desk – all the departments of a hotel need specialised service that requires intense training and experience to ensure that the guests receive the best and warmest experience during the stay and their visit is worth their money. Hospitality management too includes taking care of guests but in a different setting. It requires knowledge with tremendous soft skills to charm the guests as soon as they step inside the establishment. Hospitality managers in large organizations are responsible for taking customer/client experiences to the next level, handling VIPs or meeting and greeting foreign delegates and ensuring they have everything they need for a successful visit.

Employment opportunities:

After studying Hotel management, you will have ample opportunities for working with hotel chains, resorts, and restaurants. This course also has a close relationship with the travel and tourism industry. Be it incredible natural beauty, great architecture, tradition or intriguing stories of mythology – India has always been a great tourist destination and enjoys a healthy influx of tourists every year. The tradition of pleasing guests is deeply ingrained in our philosophy and culture. Hotel industry thrives and flourishes as the business of travel and tourism revolves around taking care of the guest in a manner that will make them feel welcomed, appreciated and valued. So, hotel industry is more interconnected with tourism which is mostly driven by operation management. In case of hospitality industry, it is driven by people management which has no limitation. Many MNCs and organizations from a wide variety of industries employ hospitality management professionals to coordinate events, meetings, and guest relations.

As both the industries are rapidly growing, there is no dearth of employment. For hotel management, the opportunity to earn more is always there after gaining relevant years of experience, whereas, even entry-level jobs pay well in the hospitality industry.