Hotel and hospitality industry is one of the most fast-moving, and fast-growing industry. The hospitality sector in India stands rooted in the Hindu philosophy of ‘atithi devo bhava’, and slowly emerged as a dynamic multibillion-dollar industry offering exciting career opportunities in hotels, restaurants, and bars, theme parks, country clubs, cruise ships, and more. DSMS is one of the top management colleges in West Bengal that prepares you for a successful career with the potential to grow into a number of high-level positions. Situated in Durgapur, DSMS offers hotel and hospitality management courses that help students to forge great careers in various industries where the customer experience is paramount.

If you feel management is your call, you must be prepared for a challenging, all-encompassing profession that requires charisma, skill, drive, and a cool head under pressure. It is very important to find new ways continuously to exceed your customer’s expectations. So, here are some tips to provide the best experience to your customers and thus achieve a successful career in hotel management:

Learn all, learn well:

Update and upgrade – there is no shortcut to success in this industry other than these two factors. Right training and qualification is the first step of your success story and adapting quickly and effectively as the market demands will help you to thrive in this industry. Professionals here are required to handle various tasks at the same time. So, you should always be ready to learn new things with an innovative attitude. Knowledge about the latest technology and being highly vigilant to every minor detail of the hotel will maximise your efficiency as well as improve results.

Cultivate Positivity:

A positive work environment significantly increases productivity. Cultivating positivity at the workplace is applicable to both managers and employees. Shared respect for the skills and aptitudes of each employee make a dynamic team that helps employees to take pride in their work. Small gestures like celebrating birthdays, acknowledging individual achievements, personal victories create an energetic and positive work environment that gets reflected in their work. The employees should also understand the perspective of their managers and give their 100% to avoid any conflict or complain.

Keep your calm:

To ensure customer satisfaction, professionals often need to go the extra mile. Emergency situations are bound to occur at some point in your career, and you must be prepared for that without losing your calm. The way you respond to an emergency situation can be the key to your success. Sometimes, you might have to handle a lot of responsibilities and chaos at the same time. As a professional, you need to master the skills of multi-tasking and prioritizing the needs of others. You need to stay cool and manage your own stress to deliver whatever is being demanded.

Communicate clearly:

Communication is the key and one of the most crucial skills in the hospitality industry. In this industry, the professionals need to communicate clearly with their customers, guests, team members, distribution agents, marketing professionals and so on. Miscommunication leads to grave mistakes and it’s necessary to keep everyone on the same page, to minimize the errors. Good communication includes listening to your guests, follow clear instructions, address concerns and thoroughly explain procedures.

Get organized:

The professionals in this industry must be organised in order to manage multiple responsibilities successfully. You can’t afford to get scattered as it will directly hamper the customer service. Without discipline and organization skills, you will be running around fixing 50 problems at once and something will bound to fall through the cracks. You must keep track of all goals, tasks and responsibilities to ensure there is no complaint from your guests, clients or customers.